Mr. Awaneesh Kumar

Founder & Director

Awneesh re-imagines education for working professionals. He strongly feels that technology can be used to make learning more accessible and to personalize learner experience for students. An entrepreneur at heart, Awneesh believes in continual improvement and the need to stay focused on achieving goals. This remains the guiding philosophy at SmartBrains. Awneesh focuses on accelerating growth and guiding an end-to-end strategy to advance SmartBrians position in high-growth markets.
Awneesh has more than 12 years of experience in handling of the Engineering project, project feasibility, and charge of technical tie-ups. With his management skills, Awneesh is a business planner and can establish business units in new regions. A high enthusiast & always ready to deliver more, a true team player & source of motivation for the team. An Electrical Engineer by profession, a keen learner by heart & Successful businessman, Awneesh enjoys spending a lot of time with the team to realize ideas into innovation.

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