Excellent organization. Staff is very good and very supportive towards the Students. They encourage students and provide different opportunities. Trainer appointed by the organization are good having many years of experience and deep knowledge about their filed i.e. process design or other courses.


Alok Kumar

Smart brains are really best training institute for technical candidates & engineers. All the staffs and faculties members are helping nature. Environments are also very suitable & efficient for teaching. Training is good, I learned so many new things. Training is based on an industrial basis and workflow of training as a company purpose to develop their technical skills as a company point of view. In Piping, training learned so many theories about Piping design, system, Isometric and so on and its application in a practical sense. Teaching techniques are very good. They explain every topic very well and explain until the time of your understanding.


Nirottam Singh

Smart Brains is the training institute for engineering students, and they provide training about process design for chemical students. He is a very experienced person and has working experience of many Pvt. Ltd. Companies.


Ranjeet Kumar Gupta

Rambali sir have good teaching skills he should define all the topics are easily understandable. I am received one interview I am working there but I am want to interview on PDMS or Piping engineering.


Salman Khan

Smart Brains is one of the best institutes of Noida for all courses like Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, etc. Management is too supportive. The trainer of our project. He is a good guy, he supports me so much during the training period. He is very helpful and he totally commands on the project and working in this field.



In SmartBrainsStudious environment quite very good management, Training is Quite reliable and Acceptable. Trainers are from Corporate background, experienced, Strictly Professional and friendly.



In SmartBrains, All the course provided are helpful of piping design it can also be a boon is the job skills for good placement about its management support is appreciable. Trainers are very good. The trainer Provides for all the sub-course of piping design are Indicative and able to sort all the problem truly by students. The course contains met with my expectation the basic introduction of PDMS has been taken briefly. the class was interesting and helpful.


Daniel Jalle Lukery

SmartBrains Trainers who have tirelessly participated in training and coaching me in my Industrial Automation Course. The Topics for Industrial Automation are well designed. The Theories; reinforced with Labs has made a good understanding of the Topics to me. All that I have learned from SmartBrains- I see them around me at my work site (Wellhead field surface facilities and Power Plant), no more worry. I am now learning more and more and feeling comfortable and confident, thanks to SmartBrain Trainers. I recommend SmartBrains to anyone who intends to advance in career.


Aditya Anal

I would like to share my experience with you all. In this world everyone has different opinion about success for me success is seeing a happy face of my family and friends and yes once I got my job made me feel that indeed this was the part of my success, seeing those tears rolling down from the eyes of family members made Goosebumps, I can’t share those moments putting down in text so I pray and hope that soon you guys experience those moments by yourself. Smartbrains placement team facilitates job as a project engineer and the role is perfectly fitted and my skills match to my current profile  I am delighted to say the training was really profitable for me.


Akash Deep

I am Akash completed my training on Piping designing from Smartbrains. It has been a great experience. Here in Smartbrains, we have great faculty members under which we have learned a lot because of which I can see my bright future. Thanks, Smartbrains.